As we have advanced this last year

Coworking is designed to influence the development of user ideas and projects, as well as the creation of new ideas and new work teams. These spaces are in constant renovation, they are no longer just a place to rent an office or a desk, now they create environments that promote new trends and projects for entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.


The concept of coworking is not limited only to “Freelancers”, small and large companies are betting on these spaces for their workers to share projects with other entrepreneurs or companies; This is how many alliances can be created from the coworking spaces.


However, the creation of these centers is gaining strength in rural areas, helping to attract entrepreneurs to these more remote communities. In Spain you can see these styles of non-conventional work spaces such as in Sende, in Galicia, where freedom and nature are the pillars for coworking workers.

In paradis coworking we create the opposite, we innovate a peaceful and elegant space in the heart of cosmopolitan Madrid, at the Puerta de Sol, where you can have everything at hand but at the same time entrepreneurs will not be burdened with the energizing vibes of the city, the perfect combination.



Elizabeth Faria

Paradis coworking

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